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Colin was a great addition to our team at the Sun-Times — capable, enthusiastic, energetic and willing to tackle any project, including those that challenged him to flex muscles outside of his photojournalism expertise. It was an absolute delight to work with Colin and, given the opportunity, I would hire him in an instant.

Lizzie Schiffman Tufano

Director of Audience Engagement - Chicago Sun-Times

Belinda lichty clarke

Director of Alumni engagement - Medill/northwestern university

I had the pleasure of staffing a Northwestern student reporting trip to Panama and Colin was one of the students selected to go on the trip. He did an incredible job documenting the experience, which included studying global climate change and staying in a jungle commune. His photos were so good we ended up using them in the Medill alumni magazine. Not only is Colin an incredibly talented photographer but he's an astute and empathetic global citizen, which will surely add to his success moving forward.

Justin Breen

Founder/CEO – Brepic Communications LLC

Colin is a great guy and excellent photographer... he understands what makes for a good story and photo, and he is excellent on social media. He has superior photo and video skills and would be an excellent hire.

Charlie Meyerson

Vice President – Rivet radio, Inc

Colin is one of the most ambitious and talented students I've encountered in recent years. His multimedia achievements are substantial. And I'd say that even if he hadn't taken one of the best (candid, unsolicited) photos of me I've seen—one so good I've adopted it as the Facebook cover photo for my media consulting practice.

Sam Oliva

CEO – Beacon Funding

I learned about Colin though my High School Alumni Association and hired him to do a photo shoot of an Alumni event for me. I was apprehensive as to whether Colin would do a professional job considering that he was still in High School so I hired a 2nd professional photographer to take pictures at that same event. It was probably a bit uncomfortable for Colin when he showed up for the event and another photographer was there. As it turned out, when I received the two sets of photography I was pleasantly surprised by Colin's work. In fact Colin's photography put the professional photographer's work to shame. That was a couple years ago and since that time I have hired Colin on several occasions including for our company events. I was so impressed by Colin's professionalism that I offered him a summer internship at our firm in our marketing department this summer. Needless to say Colin is one sharp cookie and will be very successful in life and/or at whatever he chooses to do.

Colin, the son of a professional photographer, he's a young spirt with a rookie eye! WOW, this young man is going to go places. He has a great eye for photography, with the personal touch of human connection that you can see and feel in his photographs. I highly recommend Colin Boyle.

Dawn Davis

Cofounder/Creative director – Bob & Dawn davis photography and design 

Colin has displayed a talent for capturing sporting events from a viewpoint beyond just photographic action on the field or court. He also is able to capture the emotion and spirit of competition from an artistic perspective that helps tell the story beyond the event itself.

Nick brilowski

Associate Director of Athletic Communications - Northwestern athletics

Colin's passion for storytelling shines through in his photos. I have worked with Colin on three projects – one a series of "How To" videos for our nonprofit and two photo shoots for our annual event. Without much direction at all, Colin was able to capture exactly what I wanted on each video. And his photos from our event were the best we ever had. Colin is a pleasure to work with, he delivered everything on time – even under a short deadline and his work certainly exceeded my expectations.

Cheryl megurdichian

Director of Development and communications – second sense

I work with Colin for [MileSplit Illinois]. He's super responsive, takes amazing shots and has taught me a ton about sports photos by sharing equipment tips, settings and technical assistance during post production and publishing. I was surprised to learn he was a full time student because he's always working, often late at night after long track or [cross country] meets all over Chicago.

Mike Jortberg

Freelance photographer – Milesplit illinois